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Wizard and Glass

Author: Stephen King
Book #4 of Series: The Dark Tower
View: 218
Published year: 1997
Price: Free

Roland of Gilead and his fellow pilgrims determine to reach the Dark Tower, but their quest is rife with confrontation, conflict and sacrifice - from a vast computer system which bargains in riddles to Roland's old enemy Walter and the wizard's glass.

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John Klenck
My favorite of the Dark tower series I have read it many times. Not what I am writing about, writing about Dr. Sleep. I know King got sober in the mid 80s and except for Dark tower I thought his writing suffered the way sober rock stars music suffers! I often wonder what he had to say on the subject of AA and all that program nonsense. He being one of those that gets the whole sobriety thing the first time and to my knowledge never relapsed. I always wanted to hear what he had to say. In Dr. Sleep you do ! And oh my god dose it make me sick! All the old bullshit they sling at you at meetings! First off alcoholics are very minor league in the world of addiction. Because alcohol is legal and it's not against the law to use it, give it, or sell it! I am major league! I can take a drink usually it's only one and stays that way. When I used to go to gothic industrial clubs I went to dance mostly I don't get shitfaced never had a dui. Quitting what I do is hard as I need medical detox and where I live there is but one my wife and I can't go together unless we try to get admitted separately and that is really hard! King has gotten beter in time I just read Mr. Mercedes and joyland. Now I am reading Dr. Sleep it's good but I couldn't get to the comments page so I put it here. It reinforces the fact that meetings AA, NA WILL NEVER WORK FOR ME! I must just walk away people do it all the time! Insomnia is the only book I could not finish of King's he wrote it right after he got sober it put me to sleep go figure!
6 weeks ago
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