Author: Shoshi
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Published year: 2015
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"Three" contains three short stories: Down, The Reckie, and Feena. All the stories are fictional, with fantasy, history, and dystopian elements. You will surely enjoy these stories! And better yet, the book is free! So please take a moment to download this book and submerge yourself in worlds beyond your imagination."Three" contains three short stories: Down, The Reckie, and Feena."Down"Bryan loves caving; his twin Joel hates it. Exploring newly discovered caves, Bryan gets lost. To find him Joel is helped by Roke, a strange, giant of a man who lives in the caves year-round. Quarreling at first, they learn to get along as they overcome the terrors of cave-climbing and attacks by thugs who want to kill them. Finding Bryan near death, they face their biggest challenge: how to save him."The Reckie"Mozart was never able to finish his last and greatest work, his Requiem, because he died of an infection. Carol and Mathew want to time travel to the l8th century to cure him with antibiotics so he can finish it as a gift for her musician dad. They find a way to do it, but then Mozart gives them the wrong music so he has to time travel to America himself to deliver it."Feena"In this dystopian fantasy, Feena is a human survivor of an interplanetary war. She falls for Jome, an enemy robot soldier severely injured in the conflict. An enemy official, called the Inspector, wants her to be his slave and tries to kidnap her. She must find a way to foil him and mend Jome.

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