The Owen Family Saga Sampler

Author: Marsha Ward
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2011
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Three chapters each from the first three novels in The Owen Family Saga, plus a bonus look at the forthcoming Book 4: Spinster's Folly. "Marsha Ward really does write Westerns with heart. And her Owen family saga is among the best you'll ever read. Learn what our ancestors did to build this land. Like the Man from Shenandoah. Highly recommended." ~Chuck Tyrell, author of The ProdigalThis sampler is the fastest way to satisfy your curiosity about those fabled members of the Owen Family from Shenandoah County, Virginia. Acclaimed author Marsha Ward introduces the family in three chapters from each of the first three novels in The Owen Family Saga. Then there's the bonus chapter from the forthcoming novel, Spinster's Folly, Book 4 in the Saga. A "don't miss" way to get acquainted."Marsha Ward has the ability to grab readers by the lapels, yank them into her stories, and make them care deeply about her characters." ~Phyllis Dugan, Former President, Wyoming Writers, Inc."Trail of Storms by Marsha Ward is the third book in a western series featuring the Owen family that takes place during those first years following the conclusion of the US Civil War. Ward is recognized as an award winning western writer, the founder of the American Night Writers Association, and an authority on Southwestern history. "This series chronicles the events...that send several families from the Shenandoah Valley west following the war, their journey westward, and their struggle to establish homes in the American Southwest.... It is the historical details of Colorado and New Mexico and the writer's understanding of both the American and Hispanic cultures of this place and time period that are superbly done and make all three novels worth reading.... Ward doesn't glamorize the West and some of her characters aren't particularly likable, but they are realistic and she is true to the rough times of that settlement period.... Historical and Western fans of either gender will enjoy this series from the compelling covers to the last word of this third volume. It's a series I'm glad I had the opportunity to read."~Jennie Hansen, Reviewer, Meridian Magazine

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