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Ender's Saga


The Ender's Game series (also known as the "Ender Quintet") is sometimes called Enderverse or the Ender Saga. It is a series of science fiction books by Orson Scott Card. The series started with the novelette "Ender's Game", which was later expanded into the novel Ender's Game. It currently consists of eleven novels and ten short stories. The first two novels in the series, Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, each won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and were among the most influential science fiction novels of the 1980s.

Also See Ender's Shadow parallel series and The First Formic War prequel series.

For the entire Ender's Universe in Chronological Order, see The Enderverse (Chronological Order).

First Meetings in Ender's Universe is a collection of 3 Short Stories, and the original Ender's Game Novella. The two short stories titles Polish Boy and Teacher's Pest are prequels to the entire Ender's Saga. The short story Investment Counselor takes place between Ender in Exile and Speaker for the Dead.

A War of Gifts is a short story that takes place during Ender's Game, sometime during the middle of the book.

Ender in Exile replaces the last chapter of Ender's Game and expands it into its own novel. It also occurs consecutively with The Shadow Saga, a side-series that occurs before Speaker for the Dead.

For the series in publication order, see: Ender's Saga (Publication Order).

For other short stories of the Ender's universe, see Ender's Saga short stories.

Subseries within the Ender saga:
Ender Quintet
The Shadow Series
First Formic War
Second Formic War
Fleet School
Other Tales from the Ender Universe