Ride Tall, Hang High

Author: Chet Cunningham
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Published year: 2013
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There's nothing like a smoking six gun in your hand to make you grow up fast! They were the youngest-and some said the most dangerous-gang in the territory. They were just kids, but the savagery of the untamed West made men out of them before their time.'Nightcap at Ningi Creek' by Ken Blowers, is a delightful collection of eight light-hearted short stories. Perfect in content and length to read when relaxing with your evening nightcap, and guaranteed to leave a smile on your face!In this first release of an upcoming series, Ken takes the reader on a journey with stories set around South-East Queensland. The Caboolture, and Bribie Island area serves as the perfect backdrop for Ken's character's to come to life. This volume of short stories has something to offer everyone. Whether you can relate to the life of a Police Officer, Private Investigator, Senior Citizen, Milkman, Station-Master or Boatie, Ken's ability to draw the reader into every day lives of regular people is most unique.You too can be immediately transported to a time and era that possibly no longer exists, to either reminisce, or choose your own adventure - in any event, your reading needs are more than catered for, with this smorgasbord of saga's.Whatever your choice, you will not be disappointed as the unexpected unfolds with every word, slowly revealing the conclusion like a mini Agatha Christie mystery.Once you start reading these stories you'll be hungry for more. Look out for Ken's next exciting volume of short stories coming soon...

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