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Revenge Requires Two Graves

Author: George Emery Townsend
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Published year: 2012
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The brutal murder of Emery Cooper is the catalyst for his son's cross-country expedition. With his father dead, his mother missing, and a price on his own head, Ray Cooper leaves Wisconsin and joins a wagon train in search of his remaining family member. But Ray and his traveling companions are quickly stripped of their boyish innocence as they discover the harsh realities of prairie life.In Revenge Requires Two Graves young Ray Cooper is forced to escape his youth and prematurely embrace adulthood after a series of misfortunate events that happen in rapid succession to the Cooper family. This historically driven fiction is set in the 1860's, United States. This western adventure for teens and adults includes romance, rejection, murder, and revenge.As a teenager in Wisconsin, Ray Cooper is a confident young man who knows how to survive. He can handle himself with his fists and naturally quick with a gun, but he hasn't got a clue as to the workings of a woman's mind. He was raised by a strong, caring father who had spent the necessary time to mold his character and a mother that showed him both love and compassion.When the owner of the mill is killed, Ray and his two friends are forced to escape to avoid being arrested for murder. Ray's mother has already been told that Ray and Ray's Pa were killed. Having no other family in the area, she sells the family cabin and heads west to live with her sister. When the three boys hear that the only mother they all really knew is on her way to California, they decide to follow, where along the way they face many adventures and hardships. Unbeknownst to the trio, the daughter of the mill owner has declared vengeance on the three, sending hired guns after them and even heading west herself in order to arrange an ambush for the Cooper gang. Can Ray overcome the trials of the open road, find his mother, defeat his enemies, and lay his father's soul to rest?

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