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Author: Tristan Waldock
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Published year: 2011
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Short e-book published for university assessment.Love at Thanksgiving – A financial thriller, suspenseful, terrifying, and truly entertaining Stephanie Bell planned on living large and loving larger. Her work for a global investment firm led her into the world of international finance and power players, and while her professional success allowed her a life of luxury, she was still searching for the man who would claim her heart. But it all comes tumbling down when Stephanie is accused of stealing millions from her company, and no one believes in her innocence.Until Jack. A man of experience, in life and love, Jack Hughes offers to use his expertise as a private investigator to clear Stephanie's name. As they work together to unravel the mysterious disappearance of millions of dollars, the raw physical attraction can't be ignored. It's the perfect mix of “who done it”, fast-paced action, and a strong female lead.The first of four parts, Love at Thanksgiving, will keep you guessing and wanting more. It's an emotional and highly enjoyable read—full of suspense and surprises.

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