Breathing Fire and Other Stories

Author: Courtney Wallace
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Published year: 2017
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BREATHING FIRE and OTHER STORIES by Courtney Wallace is a collection of three short stories that show you the darker side of the human creed. A darkness abounds within each story, taking viewers through gut-wrenching history and into the dystopia future. Humans can truly be terrifying little creatures.“Breathing Fire” How do you explain war to a child? Annie doesn't need it explained, she's grown up in it for as long as she can remember. Set in London, during the German Blitz attacks in World War II, Annie watches her home being threatened every night. The great German dragons come to blow fire down on the Englishmen as they run for the shelters. It never seems to end and Annie is often found wondering what life looks like without the threat of death. Without the threat of gas chambers and extinction. “The High Card” Doug was never a fast learner. It took him years to learn to read and even longer to perform any basic math but there are some things in life that are, unfortunately, very obvious. Like, when the sun sets the moon rises, or if you stand out in the rain you will get wet, and especially that if your wife becomes distant and leaves at odd hours she's probably cheating. Doug was slow but he wasn't stupid, he saw the looks and caresses between his wife and best friend. He thinks, it's about time he did something about it. “Genticae Experimenta” In the future germs, infections, and bacteria rule over all. Antibiotics and immunizations have failed us and the entire human population is being picked off. The Abbott Organization has come to the rescue, hiring the best scientists from across the globe to find cures to these superbugs, by any means necessary. Quickly, the project takes a darker turn. Humans and animals are brutally experimented on, leaving physical and emotional scars. But who is to blame? The desperate scientists or the ambitious and ruthless CEO who created the project?

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