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The Twilight Saga 2: New Moon

The Twilight Saga 2: New Moon: Page 83

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"She's ours!"

"No��," I began to protest both declarations.


"Let's go," Edward said.

I looked back at Jacob, torn. Would I see him again?

"Sorry," he whispered so low that I had to read his lips to understand. '"Bye, Bells."

"You promised," I reminded him desperately. "Still friends, right?"

Jacob shook his head slowly, and the lump in my throat nearly strangled me.

"You know how hard I've tried to keep that promise, but�� I can't see how to keep trying. Not now��" He struggled to keep his hard mask in place, but it wavered, and then disappeared. "Miss you," he mouthed. One of his hands reached toward me, his fingers outstretched, like he wished they were long enough to cross the distance between us.

"Me, too," I choked out. My hand reached toward his across the wide space.

Like we were connected, the echo of his pain twisted inside me. His pain, my pain.

"Jake��" I took a step toward him. I wanted to wrap my arms around his waist and erase the expression of misery on his face.

Edward pulled me back again, his arms restraining instead of defending

"It's okay," I promised him, looking up to read his face with trust in my eyes. He would understand.

His eyes were unreadable, his face expressionless. Cold. "No, it's not."

"Let her go," Jacob snarled, furious again. "She wants to!" He took two long strides forward. A glint of anticipation flashed in his eyes. His chest seemed to swell as it shuddered.

Edward pushed me behind himself, wheeling to face Jacob.

"No! Edward��!"


"Come on! Charlie's mad!" My voice was panicked, but not because of Charlie now. "Hurry!"

I tugged on him and he relaxed a little. He pulled me back slowly, always keeping his eyes on Jacob as we retreated.

Jacob watched us with a dark scowl on his bitter face. The anticipation drained from his eyes, and then, just before the forest came between us, his face suddenly crumpled in pain.

I knew that last glimpse of his face would haunt me until I saw him smile again.

And right there I vowed that I would see him smile, and soon. I would find a way to keep my friend.

Edward kept his arm tight around my waist, holding me close. That was the only thing that held the tears inside my eyes.

I had some serious problems.

My best friend counted me with his enemies.

Victoria was still on the loose, putting everyone I loved in danger.

If I didn't become a vampire soon, the Volturi would kill me.

And now it seemed that if I did, the Quileute werewolves would try to do the job themselves��along with trying to kill my future family. I didn't think they had any chance really, but would my best friend get himself killed in the attempt?

Very serious problems. So why did they all suddenly seem insignificant when we broke through the last of the trees and I caught sight of the expression on Charlie's purple face?

Edward squeezed me gently. "I'm here."

I drew in a deep breath.

That was true. Edward was here, with his arms around me.

I could face anything as long as that was true.

I squared my shoulders and walked forward to meet my fate, with my destiny solidly at my side.

So much love and thanks to my husband and sons for their continuing understanding and sacrifice in support of my writing.

At least I'm not the only one to benefit¡ªI in sure many local restaurants are grateful that I don't cook anymore.

Thank you, Mom, for being my best friend and letting me talk your ear off through all the rough spots Thanks, also, for being so insanely creative and intelligent, and bequeathing a small portion of both into my genetic makeup

Thanks to all my siblings, Emily, Heidi, Paul, Seth, and Jacob, for letting me borrow your names I hope I didn't do anything with them that makes you wish you hadn't.

A special thanks to my brother Paul for the motorcycle riding lesson¡ªyou have a true gift for teaching.

I can't thank my brother Seth enough for all the hard work and genius he put into the creation of I'm so grateful for the effort he continues to expend as my Webmaster Check's in the mail, kid.

This time, I mean it.

Thanks again to my brother Jacob for his ongoing expert advice on all my automotive choices

A big thank you to my agent, Jodi Reamer, for her continued guidance and assistance in my career And also for enduring my craziness with a smile when I know she d like to use some of her ninja moves on me instead

Love, kisses, and gratitude to my publicist, the beautiful Elizabeth Eulberg, for making my touring experience less a chore and more a pajama party, for aiding and abetting my cyber-stalkery, for convincing those exclusive snobs in the EEC (Elizabeth Eulberg Club) to let me in, and, oh yeah, also for getting me on the New York Times bestseller's list

A huge vat of thanks to everyone at Little, Brown and Company for their support and their belief in the potential of my stories

And, finally, thank you to the talented musicians who inspire me, particularly the band Muse¡ªthere are emotions, scenes, and plot threads in this novel that were born from Muse songs and would not exist without their genius

Also Linkin Park, Travis, Elbow, Coldplay, Marjoric Fair, My Chemical Romance, Brand New, The Strokes, Armor for Sleep, The Arcade Fire, and The Fray have all been instrumental in staving off the writer's block.

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