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The Last Husband

The Last Husband: Page 44

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"Well, I should hope so." Noah laughed.
"She's the love of your life. She's gorgeous. She's kind. She's nice. She sings like an angel. You don't let a girl like that go." Noah smiled at me weakly. "When you meet a girl like that, you don't let her go."
"I won't ever let her go." I knew that I had never spoken any truer words. Lucky was my life, and as long as she was in it, I knew that everything was going to be okay. We may have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but I knew that I was going to be the best husband and father that I could be.
"I'm glad I'm home, bro." Noah reached his hand out to me. "I missed you like hell." I knew that was his way of apologizing to me. I knew that an awful lot must have gone on while he was away and I could tell that there were things he wasn't telling me, but I was patient. When Noah was ready to talk, I'd be here for him. No matter what. Because that was what family was really about: being patient, being loving, and being understanding.
"Me too, bro." I gave him a hug. "You, me, and Lucky. We're one big family now. And I'm not going to let either of you go again."
"So I guess we're going to be parents then?" I was dumbfounded as we walked out of the doctor's office.

"Looks like it." Zane's voice was nonchalant and I turned to him to make sure he wasn't overwhelmed. I looked at his face and tried to look into his eyes, but he was too busy fumbling around in his pocket.
"What are you doing?" I frowned.
"I'm getting my phone out." He grinned at me and his eyes were jumping for joy. "I'm calling Noah to tell him we're having twins."
"Zane," I shook my head and laughed at his excitement. "So, you're not mad?"
"Mad that I have super virile sperm?" He winked at me and I punched his arm. "Of course not, I'm probably more excited than a guy my age should be." He put his phone to his ear and almost shouted into the phone. "Bro, guess what? We're pregnant. We don't know the sex yet. But guess what? There were two heartbeats. We're having twins. I know, bro." Zane laughed and passed the phone to me. "Noah wants to talk to you."
"Hey Noah," I smiled into the phone, wondering what he was up to.
"Hey sis," his voice is warm. "So Zane tells me I'm about to become an uncle."
"Well, you know." I giggled. "I hope you're ready."
"I guess that means that there is no chance that we will ever be together now." He teased me and I giggled. I had only known Noah for a week, but I already loved him like a brother.
"Sorry about that." I laughed.
"You should be." He growled. "But fair is fair, Zane found you first. I guess I'll just be the bachelor uncle, babysitting every Friday night while you and Zane go out and party."
"You got it, I'm glad you'll be our on-call babysitter."
"Try and get rid of me."
He laughed, but I knew that he was finding it hard being back in this world. He had hardly talked about where he had been while in the witness protection program and Zane and I were a little worried about him.
"We don't want you to leave ever." My voice was soft and earnest, I wanted him to know that he would never be an unwelcome guest in the house. I saw Zane staring down at me with tender eyes and I reached over and grabbed his hand.
"You'll make a great mom, Lucky." Noah's tone was serious. "I'm so glad you came into our lives."
"Thank you. I'm so glad I am in it as well."
"I gotta go, but I'll see you both soon." Noah's voice caught, and I hung up the phone and handed it back over to Zane as we walked to the car. "I can't believe we are having two babies, we have so much to do."
"Like getting married?" Zane raised an eyebrow at me. "I assume we're going to do that before the babies come."
"Well, yes." I laughed at the eagerness in his voice. "But that wasn't what I was talking about. I had an idea!"
"Oh?" Zane looked worried. "Please don't say you want to get all experimental in the bedroom now, I'm not sure I'm ready for that until the babies come."
"Zane." I shook my head at him in exasperation.
"Okay, okay." He laughed. "If you insist, I suppose I can show you some new moves."
"Zane, listen to me." I pulled at his shirtsleeve. "I want us to hook Noah up."
"What?" His eyes looked at me in amazement. "We just found out we're having twins and we have a wedding to plan, and now you want to hook Noah up?"
"It'll be good for him. I think he needs to get out there. I know he hasn't been back long, but I don't want him to get stuck in a rut and well, he never really talks about where he was. I think this would be good for him."
"Oh Lucky, I hope you know what you're doing." He groaned.
"I do." I leaned up and kissed him as he opened the door for me. "I just want him to be as happy as we are, because I love you, Zane."
"I love you more, Lucky."
"I love you to Timbuktu and back."
"I love you to Mars and back."
"I love you to Neptune and back."
"I love you to the sex shop and back." Zane burst out laughing at his joke and placed his hand on my belly. "In all seriousness Lucky, you've made me the happiest man alive, and if you think you can help Noah find what we have, I'm all for it."
I smiled up at him gratefully and got into the car. I had gotten my fairytale ending and I wanted to make sure that Noah got his as well.

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