Cowboy Take Me Away

Page 96

"Caro. Look at me."
"Carson, please-"
"Sugar, I need you to look at me when you come."
She opened her eyes and fastened her gaze to his. There was the look she'd missed seeing on him; his complete possession of her, his utter devotion to her.
That's all it took.
Her nails scored the back of his neck when the orgasm steamrolled her. The slow, steady thump, thump, thump prolonged each throb around his fingers and against his wickedly stroking thumb. Not until the last pulse did she look away.
Carson's mouth brushed her ear. "Turn around." As soon as she did, he stretched her body out, keeping her hands against the building. "I wanna f**k you face to face so I can see that look of bliss when you come again." He nuzzled her neck. "But I need it fast and hard and deep. I need to remind you, to remind myself that you married a man, not a loser who drowns his sorrows in a bottle. A man whose idea of heaven is bein' balls deep in this hot cunt. A man who'll never give you reason to doubt him again."
With one hand he tilted her head so he could kiss her, while the other hand pushed her skirt to her hips. Then he angled his pelvis, connecting his hardness with her soft, wet tissues.
"Pull your panties out of my way," he growled against her lips.
Managing to brace herself with one hand, she reached down and pulled the soaked crotch of her underwear aside.
The hot, slick tip of his erection bumped her hand before finding her opening. Carolyn waited for-craved-that first thrust as he impaled her fully.
But Carson eased himself inside her little by little, changing the kiss to a soft sweep of damp lips and the heated exchange of breath. Then he was seated inside her, waiting.
"Promise me you'll give me another chance."
"I will."
"Promise me you won't leave me."
"I won't."
"Tell me you still love me."
"I still love you."
That's when he unfurled all that coiled male need. Pounding into her like a battering ram.
Oh how she'd missed this. Carson's sexual energy unleashed on her. His breath hot in her ear, his whiskey-rough voice telling her how good her pu**y felt. His hand kneading her breast and one squeezing her hip. His mouth on the nape of her neck sending every fine hair on end with deceptively gentle kisses.
He knew what got to her. Knew how to propel her to the edge where she teetered precariously. Where one nudge would send her soaring into pleasure.
"One more, sugar. Give it to me."
Then he pulled out and followed the seam of her sex with the broad tip of his cock. His hand slid down to hold the thick head against her clit. Every pump of his hips sent the rim rubbing against that swollen nub exactly where she needed it. Faster and faster until that dizzying sensation coalesced, spinning her into orbit in a hot throbbing rush. His mouth caught hers in a brutal kiss as he muffled her cries. As she came back down, she feared her legs would give out.
"I've got you, beautiful. I've always got you."
He pushed his c**k back through her plumped folds and he reentered her in one deep thrust that caused her clit to spasm one more time.
The long strokes became short jabs. There was no warning besides a groaned, "Fuck," and Carson's deep rumble in her ear as his orgasm overtook him.
She clamped her inner muscles down on his shaft and felt every scalding spurt of his seed. Every hard pulse.
But there were no sweet kisses or tender moments in the aftermath. The front door slammed against the building and people started streaming out.
Carson had her skirt down and her panties back in place. He turned her around and said, "Your shirt," while he zipped and buckled. He reached down to retrieve his hat.
When he realized she hadn't started to fix her clothing, he offered her a soft smile. "Flustered ya, didn't I?" Then he tackled the snaps on her shirt himself.
Such a sweet man; sometimes she forgot how much she needed that tender care from him. "You always fluster me when you put your hands on me. You have since that first time."
Their eyes met.
"Let's go home and I'll put my hands on you some more."
As they crossed the parking lot, she said, "How much whiskey did you have tonight?"
"A lot. Then I went completely stone cold sober the instant I saw you."
"I imagine your wife going on a rampage in your favorite watering hole will do that to you." She stopped. "You do realize us banging against the side of a honkytonk doesn't change the fact that we have a lot to talk about?"
"Yeah." He smirked. "But I love me some hot makeup sex. And that you demanded it from me? Made it even better, sugar."
"And don't you forget it. Get in the car."
"I'm fine to drive my truck."
Carolyn shook her head and pointed at the passenger side. He looked about to argue, but thought better of it and climbed in.
On the way home the silence between them was especially awkward. Carolyn kept both hands on the steering wheel and her eyes on the road. In her peripheral vision she saw him gazing out the window, his face unreadable. When she dropped her right hand on the seat, Carson immediately picked it up, kissed her knuckles and kept hold of it.
Oh, troubled man of mine, what's going through that brain of yours?
Carson seemed surprised when they pulled up to the trailer. "Aren't we stoppin' to get the boys?"