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Cowboy Take Me Away

Page 37

"I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what you want me to do."
Carson put her hand back down at the base and curled his hand around hers. Then he stroked upward, exerting more pressure than she would've dared to try. "Like this. The faster you do it the quicker I'll come. Usually."
The more she moved her hand, the more little beads of clear fluid appeared on the tip.
She tilted her head back to look at him. "Am I doing something wrong?"
"No. But I wanna be inside you when I come. Up you go on the bed."
Instead of trying to crawl backward, she rolled to her knees and crawled forward across the mattress.
Carson growled behind her.
She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.
He was stroking himself. "I can't f**kin' wait to take you like that. Drivin' into you from behind. Feelin' your soft ass as a cushion for my hips."
Carolyn rolled onto her backside, propping herself up on her elbows to watch him.
"Why didn't that make you blush?"
"I don't know. I wish I didn't blush at all."
"It's sweet. And I plan to teach you all sorts of other fun stuff that'll really make you blush." Then he put his knees on the bed, lowering his head to kiss her ankle. He scattered kisses on her shin, knee and thigh as he moved up her body. He pushed her thighs apart and stopped to run his tongue down her slit to her opening and back up to lightly suck on her clit. "You're still wet. That means you liked touchin' me."
"I told you I did."
"Mmm-hmm." He pressed hot, soft kisses in a line up her belly and between her br**sts. "Words lie, but sugar, your body don't." Carson's tongue zigzagged across her br**sts, from one to the other. Teasing with fast flicks. Making her arch when he sucked her nipple deeply into his mouth.
But he didn't spend as much time there as before. Those soft, yet firm lips trailed kisses up her neck. Kisses that made her flesh tingle. And she loved having his chest pressed to hers, even when it made it harder to breathe.
Then Carson's face was above hers, his blue eyes glittering with an emotion she couldn't name.
"Reach between us and guide me in."
"But I-"
"I'm dyin' to be with you like this."
That's when she noticed his body was shaking. She arched up, smashing her mouth to his while her hands trailed down his sides and between their hips. After a couple of bobbles she aligned the head of his shaft at her opening.
He eased inside her just an inch.
"Look at me, beautiful."
Carolyn met his gaze and everything inside her went soft with the perfect and loving way this sexy man gazed at her in this moment.
He slowly pushed inside her, keeping their eyes locked. They were so close they shared the same breath.
"You okay," he whispered against her lips.
"Very okay."
"You feel so damn good, Caro."
She slid her hands over his shoulders and his muscular back, loving the sensation of skin on skin. "So do you."
When he stopped she knew why he'd gone slowly; he filled her completely.
"Wrap your legs around me."
As soon as she shifted, her body seemed to open and he pushed in deeper. "Oh." Her hands found purchase on his butt cheeks. Whenever he angled his pelvis those powerful muscles flexed beneath her hands.
Carson kissed her, bringing her focus to the soft stroke of his tongue against hers.
During the kiss, she felt him start to move, pulling back and pushing forward. Her inner tissues were gripping him so tightly, trying to keep him buried inside.
His lips followed the line of her jaw to whisper, "You with me if I pick up the pace?"
Then Carson's mouth seemed to be everywhere, nuzzling her throat, leaving sucking kisses on the inner curve of her shoulder, his uneven breath in her ear proved he was as affected by this as she was.
He pushed his body up higher, but his gaze was glued to her face. "Look at you. I've imagined bein' with you like this, but my imagination didn't do it justice."
She opened her mouth, but closed it.
Carson stopped moving. "What?"
"We did this last night."
"Not like this, we didn't." He slid his lips back and forth over hers. "Last night was hard and fast and hot as f**kin' fire, but this? This is me makin' love to you, sugar."
And it felt like love; very overwhelming. The rough friction of his chest hair on her ni**les, the weight of his body. The hot and sweet kisses that were perfectly matched to his steady surge and retreat rhythm.
She kissed his neck, loving the salty taste of his skin and the musk that smelled too good to come from a bottle.
His strokes became faster and he broke the kiss to stare into her eyes. "I can't hold back. Are you close?"
Carolyn wasn't sure; it all felt so good that she just nodded.
His thrusts came hard and fast. Then he threw his head back and groaned.
She watched him shamelessly; his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth slack.
He was even more powerful and stunning lost in passion.
Then he opened those amazing blue eyes-eyes still clouded with pleasure-and teased her with the languorous kisses of a satisfied man.