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I turned to my side, cheek to the pillow, arm under me curled, the other arm straight out. I hitched a knee and watched Deke go to his bag. He pawed through it and I pressed my lips together as my clit contracted when I saw he had a blue bandana in his hand.

He hadn't tied me since that one time with my scarf.

I was getting the feeling anniversary sex was going to rock.

But I had no idea.

No idea it wasn't going to rock.

It was going to change my world.

He climbed back into bed, crawling into it on hands and knees, his eyes locked to mine, his movements predatory, and I swallowed, my fingers reflexively clenching into the sheets, heady prickles radiating from clit, through cunt, over my ass and up my spine.

When he reached me, he yanked the covers totally off me and hooked my waist with an arm. He pulled me up, coming up himself, so we were both on our knees, facing each other.

Then he trailed the hand with the bandana down my arm, to my wrist, where he circled it and lifted it up.

Only then did he take his eyes from me so he could watch as he threaded the rolled bandana between our wrists.

When his head moved that way, I turned my eyes and watched him secure a knot he'd done one handed, tightening it with his teeth.

At feeling the material constrict, anchoring me to Deke, a spasm exploded between my legs, another one close on its heels at the sight of his strong teeth, the feel of our wrists bound snugly together.

His gaze came to mine and I got lost in it, mired deep in the heat of his eyes, so in the thrall of Deke sharing his need for me stark, right there to see, to feel, I lost track of where his other hand was until I felt it in my hair. Up it went until it was close to the scalp where it gripped, yanking back.

The pain at my scalp translated to pleasure as it raced over my body, my back arching at his demand, then his mouth captured a nipple and sucked hard.

"God," I breathed, my arch pushing deeper, offering more to him as he took our bound wrists, twisting my arm, pinning it behind me.

He worked my nipples, one, the other, back, and again, until I was whimpering, my free hand fisted in the back of his hair, my lower body pressing hard into his, feeling his rigid cock snug against my belly.

I rubbed into it, needing the feel of it, wanting to give him something while he was giving to me.

Then suddenly his hand at my hair wasn't tugging back, it was pushing down and Deke shifted as he forced me to bend. Drawing our tied wrists around, his hand covering mine over his cock, his other hand still in my hair, tugging it back now to arch my neck, he drove the head of his cock through my lips and I took him. I took him with my mouth as both Deke and I jacked his dick.



Never anything like it.

I'd never had anything like Deke.

I planted my free hand in the bed to keep steady in order to give him more while I took what he was giving. I closed my lips tight around the rim of the head of his cock and sucked hard. His fingers around mine gripped firmer, moving faster, pumping harder.

I was moaning against his cock, the insides of my thighs quivering, feeling the wet gather, desperate to put my free hand between my legs, unable to because I needed it for support, this making the desperation more acute, phenomenal, turning the noises I was making into verbal keening.

Deke heard it, pulled our hands from his cock and started fucking my face in earnest and I rocked into him, meeting his thrusts, hollowing my cheeks to draw him as deep inside as I could get him, feeling the rumbles he was making sound around my heart and tremble in my womb.

I thought he wanted me to take him there with my mouth but abruptly I was up, both our bound hands between my legs, Deke's middle finger pressing mine to my clit, circling, twitching, his mouth slamming down on mine, his tongue invading.

I kissed him back as I rode our hands and I kissed him harder as I rode us urgently when he slid both our fingers inside and started finger fucking me.

He took our fingers from clit to cunt, back and again, until I was so gone, I couldn't take his mouth anymore.

I tore my lips from his and shoved my face in his neck, moaning, "Baby."

"Do not get there," he growled.

"God," I breathed, holding on, fighting my orgasm, unable to stop my hips moving feverishly against the manipulation of our fingers.

I took all I could take and when I could take no more, with my free hand, I reached and cupped his balls. Not able to control it, I squeezed him maybe a bit too roughly.

In reaction, on a grunt that blistered through me, Deke sunk his teeth just beyond where my neck met my shoulder and he did it hard.

Right where he'd marked me.

And I knew he'd again given that to me.

"Deke," I whimpered.

At his name, our hands went from between my legs. He twisted my arm behind my back again and used both our arms to lift me, swinging me around, and he fell into me. My back was to the bed, my head hanging down the side, Deke's weight on me. He shifted his hips and I read what he wanted, opening my legs for him to fall through.

He reached to the nightstand.

I lifted my head.

And his hand came back just as his mouth crushed down on mine for a wet, bruising kiss.

He pulled away and I watched, squirming under him, as he used his teeth to rip open the condom packet.

"Hurry," I begged.

His eyes caught mine and I saw he was right there with me, gone like me, nothing existed but Deke and me, what we were doing, all we were feeling.

I felt his hand work between us and repeated my plea.


He yanked our bound wrists from under me, twisting his, lacing his fingers in mine, pressing our hands into the bed as I felt the head of his cock slide over my clit that was so sensitive, my entire body jerked underneath him.

I needed him to slam inside, to fuck me hard, but when Deke caught at my entrance, he didn't thrust deep.

He pressed only the tip in and whispered, "Jussy."

I was concentrating solely between my legs, my neck straining to hold my head up, eyes to his face but not taking him in.

When he whispered my name, I focused on him.

And I watched his face as slow, so damned slow, so beautifully slow, so goddamned Deke, he slid in...and in...and in, taking his time, until finally, blissfully, he was filling me. A part of me.


My fingers spasmed through his.

"Made for me," I whispered, trailing my fingertips down his spine to the small of his back.

He made a noise. Not a growl, not a rumble, not a groan, a sound that gave me all three before he dropped his head, took my mouth in a slow kiss, and took his time moving in and out of me.

As he did, it felt like he was memorizing my pussy, every centimeter. Not claiming it as his, exalting in what he knew he already possessed.

Adoring it.

Worshipping it.

Worshipping me.

I'd never experienced such beauty. In all I had, in all I'd earned, in all I'd been given, never, not in my life had I received such splendor.

I wrapped both legs around his thighs, trailing my fingertips on the swells at the top of his ass, lazy then faster as his movements came more quickly.

Faster, using my purchase on his thighs to lift my hips to take his thrusts deeper.

Faster, my hand now clutching the hard cheek of his clenching ass.

He broke the kiss. Bending his neck at a sharp angle so his forehead was pressed to my shoulder, my head fell back off the side of the bed. His fingers in mine grasped so hard they brought slight pain as his other hand went between us, his thumb skimming through the hair between my legs until it found my clit.

It pressed and rubbed.

And I was done.

My head shot up and I turned my face into Deke's neck and cried out when I exploded, my eyes closing, my breath suspending, my vision detonating in bright, my body arching and tightening.

His hand laced in mine jerked both up and I felt him grip my hair as his hips bucked punishingly into mine and my breath came back as I gasped through the final throes of my orgasm, hearing him grunt and feeling him rear through his.

It took a long time before he slowed and settled inside. I felt his hand loosen in my hair so both our hands were just tangled in it, his other hand sliding out from between us to wind around me at the waist. He used that to tug me into the bed so my head wasn't hanging off.

Through this, he kept his face in my neck and I felt his labored breaths breeze against my skin.

We lay there and another thing that was so Deke, something that made me know he was mine, meant for me: we did it in silence. He didn't feel the need to rush to speak. Ask me if I was okay. If I came (though he couldn't miss that, still). If that did it for me. If I needed anything.

He just knew I was okay, he'd made me come, everything he did did it for me and I didn't need anything but to feel him connected to me, covering me, warming me, reveling in all he'd just given me.

Eventually, he started to work my neck with his mouth, lazy and tender, at the same time he pulled our hands out of my hair and held them to the bed, his thumb idly stroking the side of my palm in casual affection.

Finally, he nipped my earlobe with his teeth before he asked there, "Ready for some breakfast, gypsy?"

This was Deke giving me unconditional beauty and then Deke and me getting on with our day.

"Mm-hmm," I mumbled my response.

He lifted his head and grinned down at me.

I lifted my head and touched my mouth to his.

I dropped back and saw his face was as it was when Deke woke from sleep. Smooth. Untroubled. Content.


I knew the edges would come back. Life was like that. You couldn't avoid it. You couldn't erase history.

But I'd take that. I'd take giving him that for even another minute. I'd do anything to give it to him for as long as I could make it last.

And not just because I knew he'd do the same for me (though I loved knowing that).

Simply because he was Deke.

And he was mine.

Chapter Nineteen



Juggling four boxes of pizza, I opened my front door.

I barely got through before Bubba was there, grabbing all four boxes.

"Thanks, Bub," I muttered.

"You feedin' me, least I can do is carry the boxes," he replied.

I gave him a grin and turned to the hubbub that was eight men working in my house.

I did this shouting, "Soup's on!"

While I shouted, my eyes caught on Deke, who was in my kitchen. A kitchen that was actually beginning to look like a kitchen. I had an enormous island that nearly spanned the space (no countertop), base cupboards (no countertops) and Deke with another dude was setting in my hutch that would sit opposite where the range and the fridge would be.

Bubba went to the counter-less island.

I went to Deke.

And Deke came to me.

We met halfway.

He stopped in my space and bent his neck to look down at me.

"Again, you do not gotta buy these boys lunch," he said low.

As the word "again" would attest, he'd said this before. Every day now since the boys had come to work. It was Friday so that "again" consisted of him saying this (now) five times.

"And again, I'm not gonna bring us lunch and not do the same for the guys," I replied.

"And again," he stressed, "you don't gotta buy me lunch."

"And again," I stressed as well as drew the word out, "I like buying you lunch. You give me a hutch, I buy you lunch. And so it goes. So seriously. Shut it about lunch."

His head went back an inch. "Did you just tell me to shut it?"

"About lunch, yes," I confirmed.



We grew silent.

Then his eyes traveled the length of me and he got a look on his face I didn't get.

It seemed like a sneer at the same time it seemed like he wanted to drag me to my bedroom and have his wicked way with me.

This meant my back went up at the same time I experienced a lovely shiver.

"Something on your mind?" I asked when he said nothing.

He looked to me.

"Hate those overalls," he stated bluntly.


"So gonna like strippin' 'em off you after the boys leave."

Right, one could say that explained the look.

He leaned in, his eyes again aimed low, and muttered, "Fuck, can see your panties."

I leaned in and muttered back, "Deke, don't turn me on when seven men are horking back pizza in my kinda kitchen."

Deke stayed where he was but his attention came back to my face. "Then don't wear shit that's gonna make me fight gettin' hard when the boys are horking back pizza in your kitchen."

"And what would you like me to wear?"

"I'd say those overalls because they're butt-ugly but since that only makes me think of how fast I'm gonna get them off you after the guys leave, that doesn't work."

I tipped my head to the side, prompting, "So?"

"So, I got no ideas because pretty much anything you wear makes me think how fast I wanna strip it off you, even if it's cute." The look in his eyes changed, I felt that change in my pussy, and he finished, "Especially if it's cute."

I got closer to him and hissed my warning, "Deke, this is not helping."

He grinned at me. "Like how easy it is to get my gypsy hot for me."

"Put a lid on it, baby, or your comrades in hammers are gonna know how you sound when you come." I paused before I finished, "Hard. And how you can make me come. Harder."

"Fuck," he growled, that look in his eyes intensifying.

It was my turn to grin.

"I'm gonna get pizza before the good shit is gone and before I miss it altogether 'cause I gotta take a cold shower," he muttered.

My grin got bigger.

Then I remembered my chat with Sunny and Shambles.

"Go eat," I ordered. "But before you go, think about dinner tomorrow night at Sunny and Shambles's place. They asked while I was in today and I promised them after my drama was done, we'd get together."

His expression lost the look I liked and got a different one I'd never seen when he declared, "Babe, we're goin' to The Rooster with Max and Nina tomorrow."

We were?

"We are?" I asked.

"Max called while you were pickin' up pizza. Said Nina sorted a sitter and they got a reservation. We're meetin' them there at seven."

"She got a babysitter and made a reservation?"

"Told you Max said he wanted to take us out. He mentioned it earlier this week, said they might not be able to hustle a sitter, but if they could, we were on."

I felt my brows go up. "Did you think of telling me this?"

"You got plans tomorrow night?" he returned.

"I didn't. Now Sunny and Shambles want us at dinner tomorrow night."

Deke put a hand light on my waist, getting deeper in my space to do it. "No offense to them, Jussy, like 'em. They're good people. But they're vegetarians."

"So?" I asked.

"I'm not. You aren't either. And The Rooster does a kickass steak."

I heard that.

And Lauren had also waxed poetic about The Rooster's talent that could be appreciated most by carnivores.

As did Faye.

And Lexie.

Still, even if Shambles was unlikely to make us meat, he'd probably kick ass with whatever he did make.

"I like Sunny and Shambles," I told him. "I barely know Max and I don't know Nina at all."

"And Sunny and Shambles asked if we were free. They didn't have to hustle up a babysitter or make a reservation. They want, we can come to their place next weekend. Fuck, by next weekend, you might be able to make them Steph's chicken here." With his hand still at my waist, he swung his other one behind him to indicate my space.

"They're vegetarians, Deke. I can't make them Steph's chicken."

Though I liked the idea of a dinner party here.

That said, I might have a kitchen next weekend but I might not have any furniture. Apparently, a lot of the shit I ordered took weeks before it would be delivered.

Even more weeks than it had already taken.

Regardless, my afternoon plans just changed. It was time to hit the home store and buy a Crock-Pot.

I was close and getting closer. It was happening.

So it was time to start nesting.

Maybe I could get Krys and Breanne out of the house and they'd come with me.

Deke cut into my thoughts of nesting.

"Then make me Steph's chicken and make them something with tofu."

Just Deke uttering the word "tofu" made me start giggling.

He had a small smile on his face when he asked, "What's funny?"

"You saying tofu."

"Think that's the first time that word left my mouth," he muttered.

I started giggling harder.

Deke's hand that was light on my waist slid around to the small of my back, doing this inside my overalls, pulling me close so our bodies were touching.





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