A Dog In A Trap

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Chivas is a family friend who plays with Onisty when he comes around, and goes horseback riding/ trail riding with Malyna.

Chivas turned to Malyna and said with a twinkle in his eye. “I hear you’re having a birthday soon. Is that right?”

“Yes,” Malyna said happily.

Richard quickly jumped in, “Do you want to come?” He asked.

“Of course,” Chivas laughed. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Chapter 20

“It’s my birthday today,” Malyna shouted as she woke up. She ran over to the window and threw the drapes aside; letting in all of the bright morning sunshine. She stood there for a second; letting the warmth and the brightness of the sun fully, wake her up.

“Hello.” Malyna said as she walked into the kitchen a few hours later, after she had changed out of her pajamas. Malyna gasped, the living room was a blur of color; party balloons, and friends popped out, from behind couches or from behind the doors.

“Surprise,” everyone shouted as they ran toward the birthday girl and showered her with hugs and presents.

Emily had invited everyone from Malyna’s class, even the no good rotten stealers: Kaliee, Sheila, Lou, Amy, and Daisy!

Just after everyone had finished hugging and giving Malyna presents to put on the present table; Kaliee, Sheila, Lou, Amy, and Daisy came over to Malyna and wordlessly held out the stuff that they stole.

“Here,” they whispered placing the stolen items in Malyna’s hands. Shelia then spoke very quietly; so that Malyna had to lean close to hear what she was saying.

“I’m sorry for stealing your stuff,” Sheila said ashamed that she; who had never said sorry to anyone else had to say sorry to a person that she stole from.

“Apology accepted,” Malyna replied cheerfully as the girls turned and walked over to the refreshment table.

“Hello Malyna,” said a voice that Malyna had just days ago heard echoing around the walls of the jail courtroom.

“Hi,” Malyna said spinning on her heels to talk to Chivas face to face.

“Hi,” he replied leading her over to the barn so he could talk to Malyna privately.

“Look,” he said quickly. “I don’t want to keep you from your party but I want to talk to you in private; I had a feeling that Bobbie was telling us everything that day in trial so I questioned him further and he admitted to putting extra Nitrate in the horses’ feed and to tricking the tester to tell your father that the Nitrate was below the usual level.” Chivas paused to take a breath and Malyna asked a question,

“Which tester are you talking about? The one that dad got to test after the horses started to get sick?”

“No,” Chivas said. “The one that all eating materials for animals go to before they are shipped off.”

“Okay,” Malyna said, and Malyna and Chivas walked back to the party where Richard and Emily were just cutting the cake.

After a round of happy birthday everyone devoured the cake and then it was present time.

The guests’ presents were opened first and Malyna got many beautiful gifts, but then the last gift was opened; it was from Emily and Richard and inside the box was… The golden puppy! Malyna squealed with delight and hugged the poor thing to death.

“Have you thought of a name?” Emily asked once the puppy had been petted by everyone.

Malyna thought back to the night she overheard her parents talking and remembered the name she had then chosen. “His name will be lucky.” She said after she had checked to make sure it was a boy.

Then after much hugging and thanking of the gifts, the guests left, leaving Malyna to collect her gifts and put them in her room.

Malyna was tacking up Lexxi when Carl came in accompanied by Lucky and asked; “Are you going for a trial ride? Can I come?”

“Yes, of course,” Malyna said cheerfully. “But which horse are you going to take?”

Carl thought for a few moments and seemed to come to a conclusion. “I’ll take Akayla the Westphalia horse. She needs the exercise.”

After a few more minutes both horses were tacked up and were raring to go and have a nice long gallop.

“I really would like to go at a gallop,” Malyna mused as she and her brother trotted along the old beaten bath with Lucky at the horses’ heels.

“Then let’s.” Carl shouted as he kicked his horse into a gallop and laughing Malyna did the same and Malyna, Carl and Lucky rode off into the setting sun.

The End