Bomber Overhead

Author: Graveyard Greg
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2011
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Three WWII British evacuees, separated from their parents struggle to survive in what, to them, is a strange culture.Evacuee Jeffrey Fraser and his two friends must cope. when Marwell Village, intended as their place of safety, is shaken when a German bomber finds it. Jeffrey, Ginger and Arthur, are separated from their parents and must survive in a strange culture after being evacuated from London's inner city. As the war rages and the bombs of the Blitz show no sign of stopping, Ginger finds a stray kitten and appeals to the others to help find a home for it. They are willing, but Jeffrey needs to deal with the death of his best friend as well as a less than satisfactory billet and the attentions of a bully who has it in for him. Arthur has to contend with an accusation that he burned down a haystack.Jeffrey gets a job at a farm after seeking, and failing, to get the farmer to take the kitten. Later, the boys discover an abandoned mill tower and decide to make a home for the kitten there. Ginger rejects this, but they use the place as a club house where they can keep their shrapnel souvenirs and Arthur's cherished incendiary bomb. Everything changes when a downed German airman takes Ginger prisoner and demands food. Jeffrey is caught stealing a chicken from the farm, but convinces the farmer to help in a plan to rescue Ginger. Will his plan succeed? Or fail?A review would be nice. Thank you

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